Tenkara Colorado Grand Slam

On April 26, 2013
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Today I started fishing near Aspen, Colorado, after giving a presentation in the area yesterday. In the morning I headed out with a group and caught some beautiful rainbows, mostly in the 18-20″ range. Then, in the early afternoon I hooked into browns (still in the same river), at least one at about 20″.

On the 3.5 hour drive home I stopped in a small stream off the highway to take a break and fish. A few minutes into fishing and I hooked a couple of cutthroats (western slope cutthroats I think). As I walked upstream I came across a beaver dam, cast above it and caught a brookie. As I walked away to farther spot I thought to myself…”wait a minute, I just caught a Colorado Grand Slam! YEAH!”. A quick note, I caught them all on one fly… not just the “one fly”, but the actual same fly (a variation of the amano kebari). I’m putting a new “Tenkara Diary” video together, hopefully you’ll see it tomorrow, but here are the photos:

Rainbow trout on tenkara

Brown trout on tenkara

Cutthroat on tenkara

Brookie on tenkara

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5 Responses to Tenkara Colorado Grand Slam

  1. Adam says:


    A good day indeed, and literally with one fly…


  2. Andrew K. says:

    Just ordered my first tenkara rod yesterday (Yamame). I am going to be on the Pan and the Roaring fork in a couple of weeks. Since this will likely be my first outing with tenkara, do you have any suggestions?

  3. mike says:

    epic. the season just opened here, but it will be weeks till i get to trout country. like i told jason at tenkara talk, love the posts a and please keep them coming. it’s all i’ve got for now…

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