Tenkara Cast: Covering Water

On April 7, 2020
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Please check out a new episode of the Tenkara Cast, in which I discuss my method for covering water, stealth, and fishing in windy conditions. In this episode I also do a 5-minute guided meditation in the end, something a bit out there (as tenkara may be anyways) and hope that it helps someone in these crazy days we are living.
The Tenkara Cast is available via your favorite podcasting app, and now also on Spotify.

NOTE: Our warehouse is still open, but it will be closed for one day on Friday, April 10th. Orders need to be placed by Thursday at 11am MST to avoid delays in shipments. Shipping resumes on Monday, April 13th, but the situation continues to evolve, so get a rod on sale while you can.

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  1. Patrick says:

    I’m new to tenkara and want to thank you for all the grand writing and presentations you have been doing and the sharing of some wonderful stories. It all got my attention and this weekend I ordered the Sato model of your rods from one of your dealers. This whole process has been grand and actually full filling something on my bucket list. It was finally going to learn fly cast western style but now it’s going to be tenkara style. Grand.

    All the best. I now feel as if I’ve joined a great family.

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