Tenkara Cast: A conversation with Go Ishii

On September 17, 2015
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Enjoy my conversation with Go Ishii on this week’s episode of the Tenkara Cast.

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One Response to Tenkara Cast: A conversation with Go Ishii

  1. David says:

    Interesting, informative, and fun podcast.

    Interesting how the fishing style will/must look different when watching people fish who learned from, or are trying to imitate their tenkara sensei. I have an interest in Tai Chi / Qigong. People would often ask a question about a video of a certain Tai Chi form and ask why does it look different from another video of the same form? One answer is the form has been around for hundreds of years and variations have developed. But the second answer is many forms look more the same when performed by people of the same stature, but a westerner who might be much taller than the average Chinese will of necessity have different body mechanics and for them to do the same form comfortably, they will have to move, do the form, a little differently.

    One thing I have recently concluded is you have to find a fine balance between learning from those more experienced than yourself, and learning things, your own style, on your own. To much attention to the expert, can stifle your own creativity or observations. And block discovery of a new way of doing things. A new style. So Go made a good point about learning on his own, and learning from Masami Sakakibara. To find his own tenkara style. Or color.

    Gyaku yunyū (逆輸入) re-importation – do a google search with 逆輸入テンカラ or 逆輸入のテンカラ, and you find a several post wherein it is pointed out that not only has interest in Tenkara been 逆輸入 to Japan. I found a few post where a Tenkara rod was 逆輸入. — iow , some people are importing foreign made tenkara rods as a first step in getting a taste of tenkara fishing. Thus , both Gyaku yunyū of interest in tenkara fishing and tenkara hardware. Good for TUSA when they choose the TUSA brand. ; – )

    Good stuff about the choice of length of tippet, and hackle for different stream conditions or mood of the fish..


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