Tenkara Cast: 2 new episodes

On August 20, 2015
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Today I released two new episodes of the Tenkara Cast.
The main episode for today is an interview with Nick “Takénobu” Ogawa. His music has been a major part of Tenkara USA’s videos. It is as if many of the songs had been composed while in the mountains, and they are made with tenkara in mind. The story of how I discovered Takénobu’s music may sound too serendipitous to be true. But only fate could dictate that one day I would be writing about tenkara just to have a song named “Fishin’ ” appear on the radio, and upon closer inspection he would discover the musician actually had ties to Japan.Listen to this conversation between Daniel Galhardo and Nick Takénobu Ogawa to learn more about Nick’s music and for some delightful notes.

The other episode is what I will call a “Short Cast”. It is a thought concept I’ve had for many years regarding accumulating of karma and then neutralizing it. Listen about the idea of “Karma Neutralizer”.

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  1. John Y. says:

    Daniel, I’m really liking the podcasts. The ‘short cast’ is a great idea since not all tenkara topics are worthy of 30-40 minutes. I was thinking about a few ideas for a short cast topic and I came up with these. First, is it cheating to fish western dry flies like adams, sparkle duns, elk hair caddis, etc. with my tenkara rod? I feel shame when I use non-tenkara flies, or even worse, two-nymph rigs with an indicator! But since the tenkara rod allows me to get my flies into places that my western rod doesn’t, and it facilitates much nicer drifts, I prefer my tenkara rod with tiny dry flies on small streams and gin-clear flows. Second, when fishing dry flies I often get strikes by doing a quick mend once my dry fly hits the water in a “fishy” area. I really think that this mend, with a small or even large movement of the fly, causes reaction strikes that “perfect” drifts don’t get. I know you’ve talked about twitching your flies on some of your videos and I think when all else falls, put some life in the fly and get the fishes attention!

    Thanks and keep up the podcasts.
    Lakewood, CO

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