Tenkara Care ™ is our commitment to take care of any problems quickly and painlessly.

Tenkara Care Warranty

Call us: 888.483.6527 or email us: info@tenkarausa.com


Your Tenkara USA rod has a lifetime warranty. We take advantage of the telescopic nature of tenkara rods and stock every part of every rod we make. This allows us to take care of any problems you may have quickly, and in the the majority of cases we will send you replacement parts and you will not mail us anything back.

-Cost for shipping and handling of replacement rod segments and tip-sets (top 3 parts) within the United States is $17, other parts, such as plugs, is usually $7.00. International: $17 plus additional shipping and handling fees to your country.
–  Rod top plugs, bottom screw caps, and rod tips (sold as a set of the top 3 parts) may be ordered directly online here.
–  If a different segment has broken, you may call us, or place an order for “Warranty Claim”, and we’ll reach out to see what part you need.

Here’s how to fix your tenkara rod when you receive the parts.

Tenkara rod parts

Visit this troubleshooting page for more information on fixing a broken tenkara rod tip, and other problems you may experience.

Should you need to send us anything for repair (e.g. segments hopelessly stuck together), please contact us first via email, info@tenkarausa.com, and include your name and address with the rod. And send it:

Tenkara USA Repairs

90 West Madison Ave. ste E189

Belgrade, MT 59714

* REMEMBER, please call or email us first and we may be able to help you without you sending the rod to us!


We want for you to try tenkara even if you think you may return the gear to us. Really.

– Unconditional returns and one-time exchanges within 60 days of purchase date (we can not refund you past the 60-day mark, cost of shipping is non-refundable).

– If you’d like to return or exchange your rod, please get in touch with us. Then, please mail the rod along with a note requesting the full refund to the address below. Please use a service with tracking information to ensure delivery.

Our return and exchange policy is valid  only for items purchased directly through www.tenkarausa.com. Our dealers have different return and exchange policies and you will need to contact them directly for returns and exchanges.

Please contact us for returns: 888.i.tenkara (888.483.6527) or info@tenkarausa.com


We know the best customer service we can provide happens before you need to contact our customer service team to handle a breakage. Tenkara USA rods have a very low breakage rate. And, the vast majority of  breakages occur when setting up or closing the rod. Please keep the following tips in mind:

When setting up your knots always leave the fragile hard tip inside the main segment, exposing only the string at the tip of the rod as you set up,
Never exert any sideway pressure on the rod segments when closing the rod,
Always close rod segments by holding the thickest part of the segment you’re closing (closest to next thickest segment),
Handle the first 3 tip segments very carefully,

Broken Tenkara Rod Trade-in

If you own a different brand of tenkara rod that is broken, we now have a broken tenkara-rod trade in program where we can offer you a 30% discount to upgrade to Tenkara USA. More information at www.tenkarausa.com/trade-in