Tenkara at upcoming Fly Fishing Shows

On January 16, 2012
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On Thursday I head to the East Coast to participate in a couple of Fly Fishing Shows. Please come by to check out tenkara. And, don’t miss the casting demonstrations – especially the ones right before Lefty Kreh’s!

Marlborough, MA Fly Fishing Show, January 20-22: Daniel Galhardo, Tenkara USA founder, will be supporting Tenkara USA’s Massachusetts dealer, Bear’s Den, by sitting at their booth to talk to anyone interested in tenkara. Daniel will also be holding demonstrations and presentations scheduled for:

Friday, Jan 20, 11AM: Tenkara presentation @Destination Theater Room B
Saturday, Jan 21, 11AM: Tenkara Casting Demonstration
Saturday, Jan 21, 3PM: Tenkara presentation @Destination Theater Room C
Sunday Jan 22, 10AM: Tenkara Casting Demonstration
Sunday, Jan 22, 2PM: Tenkara presentation @Destination Theater Room C

Somerset, NJ Fly Fishing Show, January 27-29: This will be the big one! Not only is Somerset the biggest fly-fishing only show in the world, but Tenkara USA will be having its own booth! We will also count on the participation of Chris Stewart of the Tenkara Bum who will be manning the booth with Tenkara USA’s Daniel Galhardo. Our booth at this show will be for fun only! Come and hang out, tie a tenkara fly and learn more about tenkara – we will not be selling you anything! Instead, we are there to support our two dealers: Mossy Creek, and the Bear’s Den. Somerset Tenkara schedule:

Friday, Jan 27, 11AM: Tenkara presentation by Misako Ishimura @Destination Theater Princeton Room
Saturday, Jan 28, 10AM: Tenkara presentation by Misako Ishimura @Destination Theater Westfield Room
Saturday, Jan 28, 12PM: Tenkara Casting Demonstration @Pond 2
Sunday, Jan 29th, 12PM: Tenkara Casting Demonstration @Pond 2
Sunday, Jan 29th, 2PM: Tenkara presentation by Tenkara USA founder, Daniel Galhardo @Destination Theater Bedminster Room

Pleasanton, CA Fly Fishing Show, February 24-26. PRESENCE TO BE DETERMINED.


Tenkara presentation: A fascinating and very engaging presentation on tenkara, covering its history, techniques, fly patterns and more! Presentations given by Daniel W. Galhardo, Tenkara USA founder, and by Misako Ishimura at the Somerset show.
Tenkara Casting Demonstration: Daniel will show you that tenkara is not dapping, and will likely wow you by showing you what tenkara really looks like.

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  1. Troy Meadows says:

    Man wish I could make it out to some those east coast dates. Please attend the Pleasanton show I will be there let me know if you need any help

    Tight loops.

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