Tenkara and Tricos, a new video by Vedavoo

On June 2, 2016
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Our friends at Vedavoo, a company with a loyal following among the tenkara crowd for its packs, just released a fun video where they use tenkara rods to slam some good size fish in Wyoming with the crew from Pig Farm Ink. The video includes an incredible trico hatch that turns the fish mad, and a broken tenkara rod – NOTE: do not bite your tenkara rod blank when fishing! Enjoy video below, and get out this weekend!

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2 Responses to Tenkara and Tricos, a new video by Vedavoo

  1. David says:

    Hmmm, Scott you know there is a better recommend way to shorten the length of the Sato that also makes it easier to fish with it at a longer length later. ; -)

    Interesting too about the fish that escaped being bird lunch sometime earlier in its life.

    Looked like a great day. Oddly the last time I was tenkara fishing, about two weeks ago, fishing a spot I fish often where I catch a variety of different fish species. On that day I caught several native brook trout. And only trout were hitting my kebari that day. Some small, and some large, Though I was suspicious that some of them were the same ones I caught earlier and released.

  2. Steve Elder says:

    Really fun vid. I loved the fish with the talon marks, and very impressed the angler took time to notice and appreciate. That was quite a day!

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