Talking of simplicity

On January 26, 2013
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Lance Gurney, a loyal Tenkara USA customer, volunteered at our booth this weekend at the Somerset Fly Fishing Show. He took the long drive from Maine to New Jersey to help out and hang out with us. A very interesting man, among stories of being training elephants, rescuing leopards, chasing cobras, and his former life as a police officer, Lance talks of his fondness of simplicity after he discovered tenkara.

A huge thanks to Ed Baldridge and Lance Gurney for helping us for the last couple of days at the show!

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5 Responses to Talking of simplicity

  1. Lance Gurney says:

    Hi, Daniel, TJ & John,
    Thanks again for an outstanding weekend,I enjoyed working with all of you and and becoming friends with Ed.
    I also enjoyed meeting and talking to people in the Tenkara world.
    Thanks for the great press you gave me on you Face Book page and I will see you at 2013 Summit.

  2. Dale H. says:

    I am glad to see that I am not the only who is simplifying other areas of their life. Funny thing is that since starting to take this approach, I have been saving alot of wasted money and have made myself alot happier along the way.


  3. Ed Baldrige says:

    Daniel, TJ, John and Lance,

    Enjoyed the weekend as well. I look forward to seeing everyone again at the Summit, if not before. Had lots of fun meeting with tenkara anglers and prospective tenkara customers.

    Lance, good to meet you as well and look forward to the Summit.



  4. TJ Ferreira says:

    Had a great time all. Tenkara USA customers are the best! They often offer their services to help run our booth which is real cool! Thanks again guys and see you soon at the Summit. TJ

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