Tenkara with Mr. Yuzo Sebata, story via Storehouse

On June 11, 2015
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I’m testing out a new platform to continue “sharing the tenkara story”. A friend of mind recently turned me on to Storehouse. Here’s a short photo story with Mr. Yuzo Sebata. What do you think?

Direct link to Tenkara story on Storehouse
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5 Responses to Tenkara with Mr. Yuzo Sebata, story via Storehouse

  1. David says:

    I liked it. Great photos, nice mix of photos & short video clips. Played fine on my iPad. However, the connection with nature was diminished without the sound of the stream with those video clips.

    • Thanks for the feedback on the sound thing David. I debated that for a bit yesterday and actually removed the sound from most clips as they were very loud and not that great. Will try with sound next time.

  2. David says:

    Daniel, I understand about the sound level. The sound should enhance not distract, Nice would be the sound of a tenkara stream not so nice the sound of Niagara Falls.

    I forgot to mention I had not before noticed Mr Sebata’s kebari storage below the rim of his hat. I think it must have been visible in other older pictures and I just never noticed

    Storehouse played fine on my iPad, without the Storehouse app, I did not notice the Storehouse app until I viewed it the second time. But I did not download the app as I grow weary of updating apps, so I limit them. But. maybe Storehouse would be enhanced with the app. D

  3. That’s really cool Daniel. I like the format a lot; I only wish there was an app for us Android people…I’d love to peek behind the scenes at the various options.

    No worries though, it still rendered beautifully on my phone. Very, very nice.
    You should continue with these if you have the bandwith, I know you’re a busy guy!

    • Thanks Mike! I have two more stories in draft formats right now. I like it a lot, but it is easy to do something that is not all that great, so I’m hoping to make it very good.

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