Spotify playlists and new Tenkara Cast episode

On May 16, 2018
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Looking for things to listen? We got you covered with two awesome Spotify playlists and a new short episode of the Tenkara Cast.

We just launched some awesome Spotify playlists. The first one is a curated list, largely inspired by Takenobu’s music, who we feature in most of our videos.

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#TenkaraTunes : Fishin’

#TenkaraTunes : Collaboration

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Tenkara Cast : Short Cast, News

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One Response to Spotify playlists and new Tenkara Cast episode

  1. Dave Rosset says:

    Daniel, I’ve been fishing with tenkara the past four years and have done so both as a method and a tool. While the tool has been effective, the simplicity of the method has been at times frustrating, but also liberating and enjoyable. The more that I fish tenkara, the more I find myself fishing it as a method. The challenge has been coming up with a few effective tenkara flies.


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