Simplicity is Sacred

On February 13, 2013
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As a good follow up to the post I wrote yesterday, the Denver Post is featuring a story on tenkara in today’s paper. It is a well-written piece by Scott Willoughby. Check it out: Simplicity is sacred in Japanese tenkara technique of fly-fishing

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4 Responses to Simplicity is Sacred

  1. Jim Lionberger says:

    The article is certainly much better than the title! He must have really struggled to come up with something original that referenced “simplicity”. Regardless, the point was well made about the advantages of tenkara on many levels. Nice job, Daniel!

    PS – now I want you to explain to the readers how, in a related article on the same page, he compared you to Uma Thurman in a “Kill Bill” movie! Don’t take it too literally – she’s much prettier than you!

    • Jim, I think the editors had to come up with the titles for that, though I do like the “Simplicity is Sacred” part.
      And, yes, the comparison to Uma Thurman will be a hard one to explain. Both blond? I shouldn’t have told him I got buried and was able to punch my way out :)

  2. TJ says:

    Daniel, I thought you were more red hair, maybe light brownish. I better get my eyes checked if you are blond. 😎 TJ

  3. Jim Lionberger says:

    The Boulder Daily Camera carried the same article on Friday, if anyone in the New Home of TenkaraUSA missed it.

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