Sanpei cartoon, tenkara episodes

On November 5, 2010
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It’s been a while since I have written anything on tenkara in this blog. To be honest, unless there is something I really feel like I need to share I won’t try taking your time. It may be good for SEO (to rank higher on google, etc), but if it’s not interesting there is no point.

One of the users of our forum just pointed out two episodes of Sanpei, the fishing boy I talked about in an older post, are available on Google videos. Unfortunately they are in Italian, but the cartoons as very well drawn and actually show relatively good technique. I’m not asking you to sit in front of them for the entire 20 minutes (unless you speak Italian and want to do it).

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3 Responses to Sanpei cartoon, tenkara episodes

  1. Davide says:

    When i first saw such cartoon i was a kid.
    It’s great practice and understand it 30 years later :)

  2. Blatt says:

    For a braisilian italian is not tha difcult to understand.
    Instead of tenkara they do use the words “pesca con mosca”,
    word per word it means “fishing with fly”!

  3. anonymous says:

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