Rolling out new tenkara rod cases

On January 30, 2014
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Tenkara USA rod case

We’re starting to roll out new cases for our tenkara rods. I’m very excited about this new packaging concept. These tenkara rod cases were designed with the help of our design intern Luke Uyeda. Starting immediately, the Sato rods purchased in the USA will be shipping with the new cases, then we’ll slowly be repackaging all our other rods with the new cases in the next few weeks, and soon make them available for sale individually as well.

The new cases are ultra-light (2.8 oz compared to 7oz for the older cases, with option to use only nylon bag which is under 1oz), well-designed with functionality and simplicity in mind, and sleek looking. The new Tenkara USA rod cases feature an ultra-light plastic case for crush protection with a durable nylon sleeve covering it. The sleeve can also be used by itself for even lighter-weight protection against scratches.

Each case features the name of the rod stitched directly onto it, making it easy to identify which tenkara rod you’re grabbing on your way to the water.

They have strategically placed straps and loops, making it easy to strap the case onto packs or tie a should sling directly into the case. It even features a segment of lillian should you ever need to do a field repair. Though the design is simple, the possibilities of use are limitless and we’ll cover some ideas soon.

Lastly, we  printed the most basic instructions needed for tenkara fishing directly on the packaging.

Tenkara USA rod caseTenkara USA rod cases

About the white color? We wanted it to be authentic and establish it as our brand’a cases (after all our initial green case got copied by everyone making a tenkara rod). Plus, we plan to hold some contests to see how dirty you will get yours. A white case will quickly help make the case that you fish often.

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20 Responses to Rolling out new tenkara rod cases

  1. Adam says:

    WOW! Love the upgrade….might have to purchase one for my Ito and Ayu 2 when they become available!

  2. Way cool and ahead of the curve again :-)

  3. Vito says:

    Simply stunning… I just love it!!!!!! Simple, stylish, so cool.

  4. Yes! Great design! I love the versatility as well as the aesthetics. I only use rod tubes for traveling (usually only flying) but this one extends use into new territories like traveling into the backcountry, etc. Very, very well done!

  5. mike says:

    Any chance of being able to swap out an existing Sato case for one of these? Have never taken mine out of the house…

  6. Larry says:

    Very nice!

  7. Dale says:

    Are the existing Sato cases the standard green tube? If so, send me a pm Mike to 257Robt. We could work something out for yout other tube.


  8. Jeremy (achilles38) says:

    very cool looking design. I love the simplicity of it, and the idea of how dirty can you get it, haha. Makes backpacking easier as I can just connect to my daisy chain on my pack and be out the door without having to worry about the rod getting smashed somewhere in my pack, easy access, dont have to buy new pack.

  9. Lance says:

    2.8 oz case, I love it! That is a total weight of 5.4 oz for the rod and the case, for backpacking that is awesome! Just bought my first tenkara rod, the Sato. Can’t wait to get my hands on it and find out what I signed up for, the simplicity looks amazing. 220 miles on the John Muir Trail should get that case looking well traveled! :-)

  10. Ron says:

    Are the rod cases available. I want to purchase a Rhodo, but can’t find the case for it.

  11. Hugh says:

    The website is a little behind then? Only the Sato listing mentions the rod case. Just to confirm: if I order a Rhodo now I can expect it will come with a rod case even though the website doesn’t indicate that? Thanks

  12. Keira says:

    So,when will these be available?

    • Keira, we are actually in the process of switching cases again based on user feedback, but will put the white cases up for sale as an ultra-light functional alternative in early April.

  13. Robert Williams says:

    I just purchased an Ito from Dakota Fly Shop in Rapid City, SD. It came with the Ultra light white case. You had mentioned that you reverted back to the original case. I would like to somehow acquire that burlier case. I’m not too impressed with the ultralight one that it came with. After the Ito purchase, I bought an Amago which came with the super nice sock and hard tube.

    For $2XX I think it should, at the least, include the super nice sock. Please let me know how I can get my hands on one. Thanks

    • Robert, we are working hard to get these cases available separately. When they do they will be available at cost for the first couple of weeks to allow customers to upgrade their previous case. Right now I expect two more weeks before they are available and it will be announced here on the blog.

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