Reports from Japan, 2018

On June 27, 2018
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If you have been following us on social media, you may know that I am currently on a 2-week long trip to a few areas of Japan. As usual, I have come here on my annual pilgrimage “in search of tenkara”.

The trip so far has been a lot of fun. My fishing has been concentrated in the northern island of Hokkaido, where we are finding some large fish and few anglers.

Throughout the trip, I’m planning to create podcast episodes and videos as time allows. So far I have uploaded two episodes of my podcast, the Tenkara Cast. I’m naming this series of episodes the “Japan Cast 2018″, where I share my experiences with anyone interested in learning more about tenkara or Japan. It is my hope to bring you through the journey of learning tenkara from the source, and really explore several concepts around the method.

You can follow the podcast here: Tenkara Cast, Japan Cast episodes

Also, be sure to follow us on Instagram, as that’s a very quick way to see the photos I take as I go.

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2 Responses to Reports from Japan, 2018

  1. Love the Cast!

    One thing that would be interesting is a quick overview of what time of year that is recommended for visiting different regions of Japan.
    I think it’s been mentioned before but a little update on that would be very nice.

    All the best,

    • Hi Joakim, thanks for listening! As we are discovering the hard way now, going through some super heavy rains, it is best to avoid Japan during the monsoon season (June to mid-July). The fishing season is open March 1st (some places April 1st) to September 30th. My favorite times have been early April to mid May (before it gets hot and then before rains) or in mid to late September (after the heat waves).

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