Remembering earthquake and tsunami victims 10,000 candles

On June 15, 2011
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This weekend the Mazegawa Fishing Center hosted the Hoba Sushi Festival. The highlight of the event was the lighting of 10,000 candles, made from recycled cooking oil, to remember those who lost their lives on the earthquake and tsunami disaster of March 11th. The candles lasted as long as 3 hours as those present enjoyed live performances by a group of artists. Everytime I looked around I was filled with awe from the energy around us. The moon popped behind the mountains on the other side of the river, candles lined up the small stream feeding the Mazegawa. It’s hard to put into words the energy I felt at the event, but thought I’d share a few pictures.

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5 Responses to Remembering earthquake and tsunami victims 10,000 candles

  1. Wow.

    That’s a lot more meaningful than a “moment of silence.” Thank you for sharing.

  2. Jack says:

    Chris is so right! This event is profound. One thing that touched me is the use of recycled cooking oil for the candles (or little lamps?). This might seem like a small touch, but it shows thoughtfulness and respect.


  3. Daniel, amazing pictures and great stuff on Japanese culture. Makes me miss Japan. But I’d like to see more pictures/videos/posts on the actual fishing you did there. Is that coming? Any pictures with you and Chris fishing together?

    • Hey Jason,
      Thanks for the comment. I’ll post more on fishing here. I have been fishing just about every day and it’s just such a part of what I do these days that sometimes I forget to write about it and write about the other stuff instead. Plus, to be honest, the fishing itself just isn’t all that great. The scenery incredible, but the number of fish very poor.
      I did capture a lot of good video, but that will take a long time to be used. Heading to a tenkara event tomorrow morning for the weekend, may have some stuff after I return. Just hope to find the time to do it as I have every single day with stuff scheduled until I leave.

  4. Karen DeVoogd says:

    These pictures are stunning. What an amazing tribute. You should see if you can sell these pictures to National Geographic. You have an amazing eye for capturing a mood and an image. PEACE!

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