Raison D’être

On October 29, 2013
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I like to think Tenkara USA has a reason for being, and it is not to capitalize on the “tenkara trend”. After all, there was no tenkara trend when I created Tenkara USA. At the time most people had never heard of tenkara, and several people thought I was crazy for quitting my job and spending all my money to create a company that would try to introduce such a foreign method of fishing outside its country of origin.
Our reason for being is and has always been to show people how simple fly-fishing can be, to make fly-fishing accessible and to introduce tenkara to people looking for a simpler method of fly-fishing. It also happens to be fun to create authentic products that go along with that raison d’être.
Tenkara USA, founder.

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  1. Well said Daniel, with a great image to accompany it.



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