Raise the River

On March 19, 2014
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After more than two months of attending a fly-fishing show nearly everywhere weekend, I have decided to go on a long-overdue vacation. Since moving inland to Colorado and becoming landlocked, once in a while I have missed the ocean, more specifically I have missed surfing, a sport I have enjoyed since I was 7. Don’t get me wrong, I chose to move and be closer to mountains, and I absolutely love living there. But how nice would it be if I could not only tenkara and climb when I want to, but also surf without having to fly to Nicaragua?
So, when I saw this video the other day, with Will Farrell and surf champion Kelly Slater advocating to move the ocean I couldn’t help but dream a little. And, laugh quite a bit.
But this is also a very serious message and I thought it should be shared here. The Colorado river no longer flows to its delta and the ocean. That is a very serious issue for the wildlife as well as the people who live downstream on it and no longer get much water. Checkout http://raisetheriver.org

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4 Responses to Raise the River

  1. I’m definitely on team Move the Ocean. American surfers need more surfable shoreline. Why make them go to far away foreign places like Hawaii?

  2. Timmy! says:

    If it was ANYBODY but Will Farrell I would watch it (ok and B. Obama) Just can’t abide that douche bag!!!

  3. mike says:

    comedy and tragedy rolled into one. gonna donate.

  4. adam says:

    Daniel, that was almost painful. Not a big Will Farrell fan HOWEVER, it is a real problem and I support your quest. I have similar feelings and I hope this topic gains traction.

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