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On February 16, 2013
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Jason Klass of Tenkara Talk and I will be trying to record regular podcast episodes. Please comment here if you have any questions about tenkara you’d like for us to address.

Podcast February 13, 2013
Podcast February 27, 2013

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12 Responses to Questions for the next podcast

  1. Bob Hresko says:

    What is the technique used to sink a kebari fly without using weight?

  2. Brian says:

    Hi Daniel,

    I’ve had challenges in the past fishing with long lines, so I switched to short line (12 ft) techniques and they have worked very well for me. But this season I have two big river trips planned and I’ll need to use a long line (15+ft). What are some Long line management tips I can practice and use when the time comes?


  3. JDSmith says:

    Who are your tenkara idols, living or not?

    Can you talk about your up coming book on tenkara? When will it be released?

    Do you have a favorite river to fish tenkara on? Why?

    With America being such a diverse landscape tenkara seams to be taking on its own identity in America, with a blend of traditional and non-traditional (hybrid) styles Are you proud of the direction that tenkara is headed in America?

    Looking back over the last four years of your life and the conception of you business, Is there anything you would have done different or do you have any regrets in regards to tenkara.

    Thanks for any replies to my Q & A

    Regards JDSmith

  4. Kurt Hauck says:

    How much time do you spend or perhaps how many casts do you make on a secton of a stream before moving on?

    Do you prefer fishing upstream or downstream?


  5. Ashton says:

    Hey guys I am just starting tenkara and I was wondering if you have any tips about transitioning from contemporary fly casting to tenkara fly casting.


    • Ashton, will try covering in next podcast, but main tips I have are:
      – take the power a notch down
      – relax the wrist
      – stop at 12 on back cast, and relatively high ~10, on forward cast as to shoot fly into target instead of line parallel to water and laying line on water.
      – don’t be afraid of the back cast, many people are hesitant to actually shoot line back, but you need that line to go back. The back cast is the most important part of the cast.

  6. Dale H. says:

    I was just curious as to do you use multiple size level lines or do you primarily use one size? Also, what dictates what size you use when. What are your thoughts on the size 2.5 line and why you decided to offer it?



    • Good question Dale.
      For a quick answer, I use the 3.5 almost exclusively.
      The 2.5 will be a good one for those who want the lightest line, which allows for the line to be kept off the water at greater distances – though not great with wind.

  7. Dale H. says:

    Thanks Daniel. I am also curious about what Jason uses and his thoughts on what line sizes for various conditions. Your new hi-vis level lines that are coming out soon (sooner I hope), do you have any feedback that you can share on those? I am very excited to get a spool of the pink line to try.



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