Tenkara Podcast 3 Daniel and Jason talk tenkara

On March 4, 2013
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It is clear that Jason and I really enjoy talking about tenkara. We can talk for hours, although we try our best to cap it to 40 or so minutes in our podcast series.
In this podcast we talk about using large tenkara flies, tenkara techniques, using long lines with tenkara, how to find streams to fish, a tenkara book I’m working on, and more.
Tenkara Podcast, March 4th 2013

(duration: 45:06)
Tenkara Podcast – Tenkara USA and Tenkara Talk about Large tenkara flies, tenkara techniques, tenkara book and more

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Tenkara Podcast #3 – Finding streams to fish, large tenkara flies, tenkara book and more

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6 Responses to Tenkara Podcast 3 Daniel and Jason talk tenkara

  1. Hey Guys,

    Really liking the podcasts. I just wanted to say one thing to Daniel about his decisions about selling in small fly shops vs big box retailers. I think you are doing the right thing by selling only to small shops. An example I have for this is “Mathews” bows. They will not sell to a big box company, only in small ma and pa bow shops. They have a massive fallowing. I assume that they are successful because they have a quality company and a quality product (which you do as well). They are also being recommended and sold by people who really know the products and who are passionate about the sport. Not saying people who work in big boxes don’t know their stuff but who would you trust more a guy who owns his own shop or a high school kid working part time. That’s just an example I had with my two cents thrown in. Take it or leave it.

    • Hey Lance,
      The main dilemma I have is actually not between small fly shops and big box. I’m pretty sure I’ll keep it to small fly shops and backpacking stores only if I expand into more stores. But, rather, the main dilemma is whether to sell to any fly shops period, or just keep it direct to our customers. I understand there is a need to put the rods in the hands of people, but at the same time I really enjoy working directly with our users. Plus, a shop really has to use the rods to sell them at all, and most shops that contact us are interested in selling, not so much in tenkara.

  2. Corbin says:

    Haha! favorite color is rainbow and plaid… I like that. I like the podcasts, I think they are still interesting, despite the tangents: it makes the conversation more genuine.

    Thanks again

  3. Corbin says:

    Also when I am looking for a new place to fish, Topo maps are your best friend, as well as google maps. Mostly I look at the topo first, find a good concentration of water, and then check out google maps to get an idea of the size of the water. Topos can be deceiving.

    Once I find a river/creek that would be suitable, I go to the BLM/state land maps and figure out how to get to the river and where by staying on public land or public access points.

    I don’t usually ask a store clerk, simply because either they don’t know anything, or they won’t tell you honestly… (I don’t blame them)

    • Corbin, I agree completely. Topo maps are one of the best resources. I look at altitude, then concentration of rivers, and I also look at the steepness of terrain around it. Since my favorite streams are tumbling canyon stream I like steeper terrain.

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