Podcast interview with John Gierach

On November 10, 2015
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I’m so excited about this new episode of the Tenkara Cast that I’m releasing it ahead of schedule. I try to release new episodes on Wednesdays but couldn’t contain myself here. This is an interview I did with John Gierach last year. At the time the interview was destined to be put together as a short video and I posted that video below for you to see. But, we kept the video short. Since then, people have asked for the full interview and the podcast is the perfect medium for this interview. I hope you enjoy my conversation with renowned author John Gierach.

The original video:

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6 Responses to Podcast interview with John Gierach

  1. Martin says:

    I really enjoyed listening to your interview with John Gierach. John’s approach to fly fishing parallels that of Tom Rosenbauer; go out and have fun! If we had more mentors like these two men I think the image of our sport would improve significantly! Thanks Daniel. Keep up the good work!

  2. Martin says:

    Daniel, could you do a podcasts on how to use different types of Tenkara lines. Advantages and disadvantages of straight fluorocarbon, braided, etc. I have been using a Cortland 444SL.027″ Diameter running line at about 12′ to 15″ with a 5X extension. It seems to work very well here in Oklahoma in windy conditions. Thanks!

    • Martin, just finished recording an episode about gear in general, and cover the lines we offer. I may expand it into a more in-depth piece on lines another day, but this one will be out tomorrow.

  3. John Kovaxh says:

    Awesome interview Daniel. love hearing the reasons fishermen pursued tenkara, particularly after I dove in after interviewing you

  4. Michaela says:


    Enjoyed your podcast , nice listening to interesting conversation while tying flies,

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