Podcast: Tenkara’s Evolution
with Ask About Fly Fishing

On June 18, 2014
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On June 4th I participated in the internet radio show Askaboutflyfishing.com. Roger Maves and I talked about “Tenkara’s Evolution”. We started with the basics of what tenkara is, then moved on to discuss how it evolved from an activity of commercial anglers to a sport, and finally talked about the endeavor of introducing the method here and creating a small revolution in the world of fly-fishing. We also discussed quite a bit the business of Tenkara USA, how I started it, our marketing strategies and more. Take a listen:

Ask about fly fishing tenkara

This was the second time I was invited by Roger to talk about tenkara in his podcast / internet radio show. The first time was in July 2012. That show is available at Askaboutflyfishing.com for subscribers.

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2 Responses to Podcast: Tenkara’s Evolution
with Ask About Fly Fishing

  1. Michaela says:


    Enjoyed the podcast , I was only going to listen a little since I was busy, but managed to listen to the entire program, nice job!

    • Daniel says:

      Hey Michaela, Thank you for listening! I’m also grateful you shared that. Hope we meet someday. Are you planning to come to the Tenkara Summit?

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