Tenkara Podcast 2 Daniel and Jason talk tenkara

On February 27, 2013
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After a successful first tenkara podcast, Jason and I decided to try making this a regular thing and just got together for one more podcast where we talk about various tenkara topics. It became very evident about 30 minutes into our conversation that we wouldn’t be able to get to all questions submitted as we tend to ramble a bit long about tenkara. It is tough to keep it short when there is so much to talk about but we’ll try being more concise next time.
For now, please enjoy this podcast where Jason and I talk about our experiences showing tenkara to folks at the Fly Fishing Shows, the thinking behind the redesign of the popular Tenkara USA Ayu rod, DIY Tenkara nets, and more.
Tenkara Podcast, February 27th 2013

(duration: 39:21)

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Please submit questions for future podcasts here: TENKARA PODCAST QUESTIONS

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One Response to Tenkara Podcast 2 Daniel and Jason talk tenkara

  1. TJ Ferreira says:

    Nicely done guys. Enjoyed the podcast. tj

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