Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show And, TFM Spotting Pictures

On February 25, 2012
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Our booth has been up and running at the Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show the last couple of day, and again I have to consider it a wild success! The show, again, is being greatly run by the Furimsky family, and I am very pleased we signed up for it – definitely will be coming back next year!

Masaki and TJ have been of immense and very passionate help in manning the booth with me. In these last two days we have introduced a huge number of people to tenkara – way more than I could have predicted even after attending the large Somerset show – so if you want to guarantee you get a tenkara rod this weekend, and are reading this, come early tomorrow!

Tenkara USA booth at the Fly Fishing Show in Pleasanton

A shoutout to The Fiberglass Manifesto blog run by Cameron Mortenson.

In Denver, Massachussets, Somerset and now Pleasanton we have spotted folks wearing his t-shirts. He has a passionate crowd of people who appreciate the work he’s doing, and we’re very happy he’s a guy who gets tenkara!

Today we had a visit by Derrol Hammer. He agreed we should get a cool TFM Spotting picture on the Tenkara USA booth. The first picture was supposed to be a funny picture, where the “manifesto” guy gets put against the tenkara wall. The other picture is just a good picture of him trying out the glassier-feeling tenkara rod, the Ayu.

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2 Responses to Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show And, TFM Spotting Pictures

  1. TJ Ferreira says:

    What a crazy kick-butt day! Masaki, myself, and Daniel were literally speaking and answering questions about tenkara all day. Tons rod rods being taken home by happy new owners. Picture our booth like a dual wrestling match but with 3 people tagging in and out all day just to get a quick potty break and then tagging back in to take on the next interested future tenkara fisherman, fisherwoman, fisherboy, and fishergurl

  2. Nice! Looks like 2012 is the year of tenkara after all!

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