The Proverbial Last Cast (with tenkara)

On June 23, 2013
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Vine video, you may have to click on the sound icon on the top left corner to get sound.
This is my first attempt at using the new social networking app called Vine. Vine has been likened to a video version of Twitter since it has a length constraint: 6 seconds. The first time I hear of Vine, soon after they launched this January, I couldn’t picture ways that a 6-second video could add value to anyone’s life. And maybe it can’t but now I can see the length constraint can be fun to play with. Here is my first attempt, which Margaret filmed as we hit different spots yesterday.

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5 Responses to The Proverbial Last Cast (with tenkara)

  1. David says:

    There are many anecdotal stories and proverbs that apply to the game of Go. ( aka iGo in Japan. Weiqi in Chinese and Buduk in Korea)
    One of which concerns two fellows who decided to play a game and it reads: “Just one game,” they said, and started to play — that was yesterday. — Chinese proverb

    Another concerns a Chinese ruler who was playing a game when the palace guards informed him the palace walls had fallen to the enemy attack and they needed to leave immediately. The two continued to play until they were captured and killed.

    I often keep making one more cast too. Until it becomes dark and I catch some poor fish and can barely see to remove the fly.

  2. David says:

    Oh, and one more important thing to remember. If you take Margret along or perhaps other companions. If you want to keep doing the ‘just one last cast’ thing. Make sure you have the only set of car keys in your possession. Or you may get to say just one more mile repeatedly.

  3. Mark Cole says:

    Margaret and Judy can relate to this topic.

  4. Jeremy "achilles38" says:

    Great vine. My wife can relate. We just got back from Mammoth a few weeks ago and I used the “one last cast” line several times, lol. almost got left behind once.

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