Winter fly-fishing tips: Staying warm

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November 25, 2015

Sometimes people are surprised to learn that we can fly-fish in the winter. Not only can you fly-fish in the winter time, but you can really enjoy the “quiet season” with a tenkara fly rod in hand if you learn how to stay warm. In this episode Daniel talks about his experiences with trying to stay warm while fly-fishing in winter time.

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One Response to Winter fly-fishing tips: Staying warm

  1. Dale Yamamoto says:

    Great thoughts on winter fishing. I have been using non-latex medical gloves during cold days. Most days, that may be all that I wear as long as I’m moving around to keep warm. Always carry the finger-less mittens too when it’s really cold or before I warm up. They’re nice when releasing a fish and I assume having the glove on is better for the fish too. Makes you wonder if that’s what should be used all the time.

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