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Tenkara USA playlists on Spotify

May 18, 2018

Tenkara USA is curating some awesome playlists on Spotify. These will have a good mix of songs for you to listen to on your way to the stream, music to listen to while fishing, while tying flies, and after a great day on the water. Or, simply music to make you think of fishing.

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#TenkaraTunes : Fishin’

Inspired by Takenobu’s song, Fishin’, this playlist has mellow but upbeat songs that will guide you right on the waters in a joyful mood.

#TenkaraTunes : Road Trip

An awesome playlist for your next road trip. The playlist starts mellow with indie folk/rock songs, then it builds up to high-energy beats and goes chill with some reggae and international music mix. It’s just a very fun playlist.

#TenkaraTunes : Fly-Tying

A little folk, a little bluegrass peppered with some rock and instrumental songs. This is some music to listen to while tying flies for your next tenkara adventure. Grab a drink, your vise, turn on the music and tie your time away. Or enjoy it when you go fly-fishing! #TenkaraTunes by TenkaraUSA

#TenkaraTunes : Japanese Music

Our set of playlists wouldn’t be complete without an awesome playlist of Japanese music. This playlist starts with modern Japanese indie music, with some Japanese pop, rock, and even hip-hop mixed in. Then it goes through some more traditionally sung Japanese songs, and finally it ends on a hypnotic set of traditional Japanese instruments.

#TenkaraTunes : Collaboration

Lastly, we want to have a playlist that features your favorite music to fish, to think about fishing, to tie flies to, or on your road trips. Follow the playlist by clicking on the Spotify icon below and then add your favorite songs to it!

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