Tenkara Magazine 2016

July 9, 2016

Tenkara Magazine 2016
The 2016 Tenkara Magazine is the 3rd Tenkara Magazine published by Tenkara USA, and they only keep getting better. With contributions by all our teachers in Japan and several carefully selected stories by tenkara anglers, this issue provides a fascinating read that covers how-to’s, culture, philosophy and much more. The theme of the magazine is “tenkara flies”, with some neat pieces on flies and materials, but it features a wide-range of stories.
The Tenkara Magazine has no advertising, and offers us 98 pages of delightful writing and imagery.
//Streamside Coffee//
Jetboil Joe, by Allison Pluda
Mountain Mud, by Steve Schweitzer
Creek Coffee, by Tom Claycomb III
Press for Coffee, by Daniel Galhardo
Encountering Katsutoshi Amano, by Daniel Galhardo
Interview with Katsutoshi Amano, by Adam Trahan
//A Cast of Two (couples who fish together)//
Fishing Together, by Skylar DeVoogd
Shared Experiences, by Mark and Judy Cole
Utah’s Aquarius Plateau, by David and Mary Gayle Sartwell
//From the Field to the Stream//
Healing Deep Wounds, by Dennis Vander Houwen
A Soldier’s Therapy, by Melissa J. Alcorn
//Philosophy and More//
Forest Bathing, by Doug Schnitzspahn
A Journey Toward Simplicity, by Robert J. Romano Jr.
In Harmony with Nature, by Yuzo Sebata
Fishing on the Run, by Ron P. Swegman
Don’t Let the Fish Sense you, by Masami Sakakibara
Japanese Lessons, by Daniel Galhardo
Unreel Watercolor, by Thom Glace
Last Child on the River, by Daniel Silverberg
Texas Hill Country, by Chris Johnson
Utah Canyons, by Dave Blackhurst
Italian Waters, by Vito Rubino
UK Grayling, by Dave Southall
Remote Joys (WY), by Allison Pluda
Rediscovering Silver Creek (Colorado), by Sam Larson
//Tenkara Flies//
The Simplicity of Kebari, by D. Hisao Ishigaki
Origins of Japanese Flies, by Yoshikazu Fujioka
Unique Materials, by Daniel Galhardo
The Contemporary Kebari, by Takashi Yoshida

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