Dave Dirks – New York

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Dave guides mainly within the Catskill Mountain region of NYS on such world-renown streams/rivers as the Beaverkill, Willowemoc, Neversink, Esopus Creek, and the East and West Branches of the Upper Delaware River system.

June 27, 2014

Dave was stung with the Tenkara bug in 2009 and has enjoyed catching trout on his favorite Catskill trout streams ever since. Dave is a licensed NYS professional fishing guide and spends most of his guiding season taking his clients on tenkara “learn & fish” trout fishing adventures. In 2013, Dave organized and edited one of the few English-based books on tenkara, Tenkara Fly Fishing: Strategies & Tactics which has since gone on to be a bestselling book on the subject. “The simplicity of tenkara is one thing. It’s also a highly effective method for catching trout. It’s a great moment when a new angler catches their first trout on a tenkara rod – they then know just what the joy of tenkara means in that moment of time.”

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6 Responses to Dave Dirks – New York

  1. Jack Rooney says:

    Dave, I’d like to try a half day with you. Do you boat or chase?


  2. Antonio says:

    Hello Dave I will like to take a half day trip,I’m new to tenkara and will like to learn.
    I’m from north jersey,how far are you from jersey.Thanks ..


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