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Certified tenkara guide Colorado Steve Conrad is a guide certified by Tenkara USA and guides around the Boulder area of Colorado

June 4, 2014

Tenkara guides Steve Conrad

Steve Conrad is part of a growing number of Certified Tenkara Guides, fly fishing guides who use tenkara as their preferred method of fishing. He guides in and around Boulder, Colorado, for our dealer Rocky Mountain Anglers.

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3 Responses to Steve Conrad – Colorado

  1. jeff a. says:

    Hi Steve,
    I’ll be in Denver area from 7-11 Aug.
    Any chance I can get in a tenkara casting lesson during that time?
    I purchased all my gear from tenkara usa and have been practicing here in Hawaii for a few months, but haven’t had anyone to teach me.

    FYI on the 12th I fly to Montana to spend a week on the Madison which is where I plan to tenkara.
    I had fly fishing experience years ago when I lived in Colorado, but none since moving to Hawaii 15 years ago.

    I will be staying in the Westminster area, and don’t need to be on a stream if that will help with coordinating our getting together. I do not have waders and boots as I will be renting in Montana since have no need for them here in Hawaii.

    Look forward to your response.


    • Steve Conrad says:

      I’m available the Friday or Saturday of that weekend. The best thing to do is to contact Rocky Mountain Anglers, they will get you all set up to go out on a trip with me.
      303-447-2400 or

  2. richard says:

    Want to discuss your working with me for a day.

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