Allen Seagraves – Colorado

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Allen guides in many places around Colorado, but predominantly the streams in Boulder, Colorado as well as around Estes Park and Rocky Mountain Anglers.

August 22, 2014

Allen Seagraves has been an avid promoter of tenkara in the Boulder area of Colorado. He decided to become one of a growing number of tenkara guides in the state and has studied tenkara directly with Daniel. Allen guides through tenkara dealer Rocky Mountain Anglers in Boulder, Colorado.

Comment from a client:

October 3, 2014
Allen isn’t just lucky. He is really, really good. I had the big fortune to spend a day with Allen in Rocky Mountain National Park following Tenkara Summit 2014 last Sunday. He is a super guide, a super teacher, a super guy and a super fisherman. Thank you Daniel and Tenkara USA for recruiting Allen into the Tenkara Guide Network!”
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6 Responses to Allen Seagraves – Colorado

  1. Peter Necarsulmer says:

    Dear Daniel and Allen,

    I am attending the Summit in Boulder later this month and would love to work/learn with a guide on Sunday the 28th. I am definitely a beginner, but I am extremely enthusiastic. Any chance Allen is available on the 28th for a full day? If not, would you be so kind to make some recommendations on other Tenkara masters who might be able to teach me on the 28th.

    Thank you very much. Peter Necarsulmer.

    • Allen Seagraves says:


      Hello. I just got your email. Please call me in my cell at 303-888-8229 to discuss plans for a Tenkara fishing trip.


      Allen Seagraves

  2. David says:

    My wife and I will be camping just SE of RMNP around July 27-31. I am interested in fishing with you for a day. When is the best time to set things up for a day of Tenkara fishing?


    • Allen Seagraves says:

      Dave, hello and thanks for reaching out. I look forward to taking you and your wife fishing in July. Please call me at 303-888-8229 to make arrangements. My personal email address is

  3. Patty says:

    My boss, Charles Boinske and a friend will be in Colorado in October and would like to know if you are available for a guide on October 15, 2015. Please let me know. You can also call me at 610-695-8070. Thank you! Patty

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