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May 16, 2018

So many news from Tenkara USA! A new tenkara rod (Hane) was released, a new CEO was hired, we announced the date for the 10th Anniversary Tenkara Summit, a Spotify playlist (#TenkaraTunes) was released.
Referenced in this episode:
The Hane, a new tenkara rod by Tenkara USA
New CEO announcement
Tenkara Tunes, new Spotify playlists

#TenkaraTunes : Fishin’

#TenkaraTunes : Collaboration

#TenkaraTunes : Fly-tying

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2 Responses to Short Cast: News from Tenkara USA

  1. Dave Rosset says:

    Daniel,, enjoyed the podcast. I hope you have a great time fishing in Japan. Looking forward to your podcast from there.


    • Many thanks for listening Dave! Stay tuned for some episodes from Japan. I’m planning to record a few “live” episodes when my trip starts in a few days.

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