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September 3, 2015

Beyond the tenkara rod, line and fly we normally use or carry other “support” gear with us. In this Short Cast Daniel discusses his favorite gear to wear or carry when he goes fishing.

Referenced in this episode:
Tenkara USA Trucker Hat
Native Hardtop Ultra polarized sunglasses
Orvis Silversonic convertible waders
Korker Devil’s Canyon boots
Aquamira Frontier Pro water filter & Platypus .5l water pouch
Plus: whistle and small firestarter kit

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4 Responses to Short Cast: My gear

  1. Michael Honkomp says:

    Do you have links to the packs you mentioned?

  2. Michael Honkomp says:

    Do you have any recommended packable rain jackets to keep in sling pack?

  3. Anthony Orona says:

    Thanks for sharing your gear list with us on this Short Cast. I agree that a water filter can be a big deal and should not be overlooked.

    In addition to the gear that Daniel mentioned in this episode, there are two things I’ve found that really lend themselves to Tenkara fishing and can be good alternatives to fishing vests or large hip packs;

    First, a good shirt designed specifically for fly fishing. Examples can be found by ExOfficio, Patagonia and Simms. A fishing shirt can be paired wonderfully with the simplicity of Tenkara. I have found that a shirt with three pockets on them can comfortably fit one small fly box, a line holder, a spool of tippet, nippers, 4″ forceps, my fishing license, my I.D. and my rod pug. If you’re interested in a minimalist approach, then perhaps just try this out the next time you spend a day on your local water.

    Second, if you don’t really like the sound of fishing with only a rod in hand and the “shirt on your back”, then I’d like to recommend that you check out one specific chest pack. The William Joseph Stash does a very good job of holding the simple gear necessary for Tenkara fishing. I’m really impressed with their Zip-No technology, in which the zipper is replaced with a very effective magnet on the pack closure system. The Stash can hold two small fly boxes or one medium size fly box(sorry I know these are gross size generalizations), as well as two line holders, a spool of tippet, nippers, 4” forceps, my fishing license, my I.D. and my rod plug. The weight of the pack and it’s padded neck strap make it very comfortable for a full day on the water. I’ve been using it wherever I felt the need to carry more than I could fit in a fly fishing shirt.

    Like Daniel said, these are a few things I like to carry with me when I go Tenkara fishing and I plan to stick with this gear for quite a while.

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