Short Cast: Garbage

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Please share your comments on easy ways everyone can reduce their plastic waste.

March 26, 2018

As fly anglers we are failing at caring for our environment.
Although fly-fishing is supposed to bring us closer to our environment and open our eyes to our impacts on it, we continue consuming a mind-boggling amount of plastic and taking actions that are not aligned with our conservation ethos.
80,000 tonnes of plastic are estimated to have gathered at the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (the largest, but 1 of 5 areas in the planet’s oceans where most garbage accumulates), source:
This plastic all starts somewhere, and we need to drastically reduce our consumption of it.
In this episode we’d like to make a plea for the community of fly-anglers to be more conscious about our impact on the environment. There are some super simple and immediate steps everyone can take that will help:
– Use reusable water bottles! Whether at events or fishing outings, have large jugs of water and refill your bottle/cup. The “convenience” of disposable water bottles isn’t worth it.
– Choose reusable or at least compostable/ paper products rather than plastic/styofoam for your events and trips.
– Don’t leave your car idling because you need a few extra minutes of air conditioning or to charge your phone (I have seen both of these)
– Don’t use the straw your server left on the table! Trust me, your cup won’t kill you….
This list is just a few things we could start doing immediately…they won’t really inconvenience you much and are easy to do. I’d love it if you shared your thoughts with people organizing events that you know, your fishing guide, or just be aware of your own habits. We can all do much better!

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3 Responses to Short Cast: Garbage

  1. Justin says:

    Daniel, just wanted to thank you for the latest short cast on garbage and plastic. I wish this was a larger conversation within the great fishing community as well as hunters and other outdoors people. It is absurd to me that there are people who love to fish especially cold water species who do not connect the dots between the way we live and it’s affect on our world. Your message of simplicity is what brought me to tenkara, hopefully people will see they can simplify other aspects of their lives and that we can all consume less and live more. Tight lines –

    • Thanks Justin. I agree with you that this should be a larger conversation. I have been wanting to bring this up for sometime and was finally “triggered” to speak up this weekend. I will continue bringing this up and hope others will too!

    • Travis says:

      I couldn’t agree more and Justin I feel that you couldn’t have said it any better. Daniel, thank you so much for your sincerity and love in all that you do not only for your company and Tenkara in general, but also our planet. We can all do better!

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