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August 29, 2015











I have owned and operated a Coldwater guide Service for about 6 years now.  After giving Tenkara a try two years ago in The Black Hills of South Dakota, I immediately fell in love with this simplified technique of fly fishing and would now like to start passing this method along to my clients.  I guide in the Iowa portion of The Driftless Region and feel that Tenkara is ideally suited to our waters.  Streams can range from mid-sized to tiny and from open meadows to very technical forested sections and Tenkara gear handles the entire spectrum of Iowa trout streams as if it had been developed right here in the heartland instead of Japan.  While Iowa does not require any kind of license or permit to be a guide I am fully insured and have had many very happy clients.

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3 Responses to Rod Woten-Iowa

  1. Gary Billings says:

    I have come to Decorah several times in the last few years—love the people and place. The last time was 2 years ago and because of bad knees and ankles I fished Twin Springs with a Tenkara rod—great time. Questions: 1) do you guide around Decorah, 2) what do you charge, 3) could you guide someone who is slow and can not walk long distances, 4) are there any other streams that would be “knee gentle” in that area—possible trout run river?

    Any info would be helpful,


    • Rod Woten says:

      Thanks for reaching out, Gary! I do indeed guide around Decorah, and there are definitely a couple of places that are “knee-friendly”. Let me know if you’d like to book a trip and we can line up some places where walking won’t be an issue..

  2. dave whorrall says:

    I am going to hike the pacific crest trail starting April 2021 and ending September 2021. I will pass by over 1000 lakes and streams along the way, and wish to supplement my diet with fresh fish. I fly fished as a youth and loved it. I’m 64 now, and will be 65 when I start the hike. I will be carrying ultra light everything, and was wondering if a session with you would give me the knowledge to successfully fly fish in the California, Oregon, and Washington lakes with minimum size poles and # of flies. Do you think you could help me with this?
    Dave Whorrall

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