Rod breakages: why tenkara rods break, how to fix a tenkara rod and some stories

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August 11, 2015

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Tenkara rod breakages are never fun. Luckily it is generally very easy to prevent tenkara rods from breaking, and it is even easier to fix tenkara rods.
In this episode of the Tenkara Cast I talk to several customers about their experiences breaking tenkara rods and how they got their tenkara rods repaired. I also chat with TJ and John, who handle customer service and repairs at Tenkara USA about the most common causes of rod breakages and how to prevent and fix those breakages.
Music generously provided by Nick “Takenobu” Ogawa:

Referenced in this episode:
Tenkara Care WarrantyFor problems with your rod, call us at 888.483.6527

Max Royal’s rod break, which got fixed right away with a replacement rod handle.

Shaun Lezotte with a pike that didn’t break the rod:
Pike caught on tenkara

Chris Hunt with a small pike before Kirk Deeter broke his rod:
Chris Hunt pike tenkara

How to repair your tenkara rod tip:

Stuck tenkara rod tip and how to assemble the tenkara rod segments:

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One Response to Rod breakages: why tenkara rods break, how to fix a tenkara rod and some stories

  1. Dave Holte says:

    Excellent infoformation on the pod cast. Really like at the beginiing the sound pf water flowing.. Great stuff and like TJ and John adding in their take on Tenkara prevention of breakage of rods etc. As always great advice. Thamks for a great product.

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