Knots for Tenkara, Setting up and Rigging the Tenkara Rod, Line and Fly (Episode 3)

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January 31, 2017

Learn the “one knot” you need for tenkara. By using the fisherman’s knot in this video you can tie your tenkara line to your tenkara rod, tippet to the tenkara line, and tippet to your fly.

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9 Responses to Knots for Tenkara, Setting up and Rigging the Tenkara Rod, Line and Fly (Episode 3)

  1. Rick says:

    Daniel, Thanks for all the great products and videos. I have the Sato and the Amigo and just loving it. Being new to the lifestyle, I noticed that when you connect the fly to the Tippett, you go through the bottom of the fly. Does it matter if you go through the top or bottom in the eye of the fly.? Does one allow for better fly presentation?thanks for your insight. Rick

  2. Keith Ridgway says:

    Great use of visuals for the knots. Thank you!!

  3. Brad Smith says:

    Thanks Daniel for this great video! Very helpful!! You reference the fisherman’s knot for tippet to level line. Could you use the same one-knot all the way through the set up or is there something specific about the fisherman’s knot?

    • Hi Brad, I’m not 100% sure I understand the question. But, you can use the same knot I show all the way through the setup. If you’re wondering if you can use another knot throughout the setup, you probably could. The main thing is figuring out a knot that allows you to tie a level line to the rod tip and then a knot that you can use for tippet to level line without having to cut it. If you have a different knot you like please share!

      • Brad Smith says:

        Sorry for not being clearer. I see here Learn Tenkara reference to “double slip knot, minus one loop” for level line to lillian and am simply curious if you’ve found that the “one knot” in the video above is a actually better than the “double slip knot, minus one loop”.

        • Thanks for clarifying Brad.
          Both knots work equally well. The advantage of doing the knot with the two loops is that it is then truly just one knot someone needs to learn. The advantage of doing one fewer loop is that it is just marginally quicker. But both are equally effective.

  4. Bill says:

    Would have been helpful if the vid had covered all the steps – that is, also how to tie the stopper “fisherman’s knot” that’s shown and mentioned

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