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August 10, 2015


More podcasts on tenkara:

Tenkara Podcast, episode 1

Daniel Galhardo and Jason Klass discuss the pull of complexity while we strive for simplicity, rod development and more

Tenkara Podcast, episode 3

Daniel Galhardo and Jason Klass talk about experiences showing tenkara to folks at the Fly Fishing Shows, the thinking behind the redesign of the popular Tenkara USA Ayu rod, DIY Tenkara nets, and more.

The Orvis podcast, with Daniel Galhardo

Tom Rosenbauer interviews Daniel Galhardo about tenkara as Tenkara USA and Orvis start working together to spread tenkara.

Ask About Fly-fishing, episode 1

June 4, 2014
Roger Maves and I talked about “Tenkara’s Evolution”. We started with the basics of what tenkara is, then moved on to discuss how it evolved from an activity of commercial anglers to a sport, and finally talked about the endeavor of introducing the method here and creating a small revolution in the world of fly-fishing. We also discussed quite a bit the business of Tenkara USA, how I started it, our marketing strategies and more.

Ask About Fly-fishing, episode 2

An introduction to tenkara with Roger Maves of Ask About Fly Fishing.
July 11, 2012
LINK: Fly Fishing Experts Tell Their Secrets LIVE!/


Midcurrent talks to Daniel Galhardo, “Much has been talked about and debated in regards to Tenkara and it’s place in the fly fishing arena. This little chat doesn’t wade too far into that, but rather talks about the merits of each Tenkara USA rod and what type of water they are good for.”

Learn Tenkara: Long Lines

Daniel Galhardo and Brian Flemming discuss the use of long lines with tenkara.

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