On Simplicity

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April 18, 2018

“Simplicity is a choice. It is easy to make things in life complex, but these complexities don’t usually add to our experience” – Daniel Galhardo, in “tenkara – the book”.
Gin and Tonic in hands, Daniel, Jeremy Shellhorn, and Adam Trahan sit down to have a conversation about simplicity.
You can also read a bit more on simplicity in this excerpt of tenkara – the book, by Daniel.
EXCERPT of tenkara – the book, Simplicity chapter

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4 Responses to On Simplicity

  1. Martin Blasco says:

    Great cast. Love this. Thank you, Daniel!

  2. Phred says:

    Immediately after listening to this podcast I listened to another done by an East coast fly shop. The striking difference slapped me. To practice his way would require perhaps 5 flies and 2 rods for the current conditions. Somewhere in your podcast you asked how/why the others became interested in Ten Kara. For me it was Yvon’s editorial in Flyfisherman when he referenced the 80 page fly line catalog. Insanity.

    • Hey Phred, indeed, there is always the trap of complexity that many will fall for. We must be aware of that, and those who find simplicity important must be careful not to fall into it.

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