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September 6, 2016

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Daniel, founder of Tenkara USA, has been described as a “rock-climber disguised as a fly angler”, but sometimes he is a fly angler disguised as a rock-climber. In this episode Daniel discusses how he found his two big passions in life, rock-climbing and tenkara fly-fishing, as well as how they fit together and have inspired him to start Tenkara USA.
Without knowing where the episode was going to go, Daniel concludes that one shouldn’t dismiss an activity after a quick glance as you may get hooked when you actually try it. And, that some activities are great complements to each other and bring us balance.

Referenced in this episode:

Daniel brings up the newly published book by one of his climbing heroes, Hans Florine.
Giveaway campaign: (the Tenkara USA giveaway will be on the week of September 19th).
The Fly Fish Journal with Daniel’s current story on combining climbing and tenkara fly-fishing: The Flyfish Journal – issue 8.1

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4 Responses to My Outdoor Obsessions

  1. Guy Curtis says:

    Nice Cast Daniel. I often listen to your Cast’s while I am completing my reporting work. Keep up the great work!

  2. This is crazy how much I’m connecting here and didnt even realize it. The last two weekends I’ve boulder /rock climbed on Fridays and Fly-fished on Saturday mornings. I’m also a backpacker so looking forward to the continued blending of my activities. Thanks for the inspiration Daniel!

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