The Manzanar Fishing Club, with Cory Shiozaki

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June 30, 2020

Fishing always brings with it a glimmer of hope. But, it can also provide a sense of freedom, and dignity, as the story behind the Manzanar Fishing Club shows us. Daniel talks to filmmaker Cory Shiozaki about the dark chapter of concentration camps in the US, which incarcerated over a hundred thousand American citizens. One such concentration camp was Manzanar, in the Eastern Sierra. At Manzanar, some internees risked their lives to sneak out and go fishing, possibly tenkara, in the Eastern Sierra to get some respite, and a sense of freedom and dignity not allowed to them otherwise. Listen to their conversation to learn more about how human rights and fishing come together. And watch the film below, which is available for free streaming through July 4th.

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Manzanar Fishing Club, the film:
Free streaming through July 4th

The Manzanar Fishing Club from JA Memorial Pilgrimages on Vimeo.

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