Landing large fish with tenkara

Tenkara is not all small fish. In this video we show some of the technique for landing a large fish and long line with tenkara. Filmed by Brian Flemming of

May 24, 2014

Tenkara is not all small fish. In this video we show some of the technique for landing  large fish with tenkara and long lines.

A large brown trout on tenkara

A large brown trout on tenkara

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12 Responses to Landing large fish with tenkara

  1. That is my soon to be website.
    Daniel, or any Tenkara USA people, In 54 years of fishing, I have never heard of holding a fish upside down before releasing it. Why do that?

    • Daniel says:

      William, in my experience and in talking to some much more experienced anglers than I, this temporarily helps keep trout from flopping much and makes it a bit easier to handle them without them getting hurt.

    • Scott says:

      I know holding crocodilians/sharks upside down will get then to calm down even “sleep”. It called tonic immobility. Wildlife researchers and zoologist use it to get data on live animals with less risk to scientist and animal.
      Scott Larson, MST
      Wikipedia: Apparent death.

  2. Just bought an 11 ft. Can’t wait get in the water with it.

  3. I’ll have to try holding them upside down. I’ve seen that technique used on sharks and bigger fish but I never really thought about using it on trout.

  4. Mary-Elizabeth says:

    Wow! This is so cool. I just bought my first Tenkara and I can’t wait to get fishing!

  5. ken owmby says:

    Am really interested in tenkara. Like the method which would be perfect fou our small Tennessee and Western North Carolina streams. I am going to Japan in Oct. Tokyo snd Kyoto. Any suggestions on fishing shops with tenkara ecpertise? Have already ordered flys. Look to order your tod and line when I return. Thanks.
    Ken Ownby
    Cjattanooga, TN

  6. Gregory andrews says:

    I was at Sanusi in Tokyo recently talking ten Kara – the guys in the shop asked me to pass a “hello” to you.

  7. keith says:

    seems to me that a fly rod, with off-hand access to the line, gives the angler the ability to haul line in, which is exactly what tenkara is missing as I watch the “large fish” video. I only use my fly reel to store the line. the traditional fly rod gives more control, more options, stripping line to allow a downstream float often works wonders. better fishing with a fly rod! oooops!

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