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September 3, 2015

Jeffry Gottfried, co-founder and executive director of non-profit, Educational Recreational Adventures has been fly fishing for 46 years and fishing primarily tenkara for 7 years. Each year, Jeff and his staff and volunteers teach hundreds of people from age 6-80+ how to fish tenkara.

Through ERA, Jeff and Sam Vanderbeek, also a certified tenkara guide, offer workshops at the Tenkara Rendezvous at the Fly Fisher’s Shop in Welches, Oregon, at Opal Creek Ancient Forest Center, at Oregon Health and Sciences University’s “March Wellness” facility and at a number of Outdoor Adventure Camps, offered each year to groups. He also guides private clients on little-known creeks and rivers throughout Oregon and the Pacific NW. He has also fished tenkara in Japan, Argentina, Spain and Croatia.

Jeff has an MS in Biology and a Science Education. He has years of experience teaching in the field about the ecology, geology, wildlife and plants of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest that add to his guiding program.

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6 Responses to Jeff Gottfried – Oregon

  1. craig says:

    Medically retired, just moved from rogue river, ore area..want to try something New… TENKARA, sounds perfect…. Look forward to your reply.C & R 4ever…

    • Jeffry Gottfried says:

      I’m so embarrassed ! I just now saw your post on the Tenkara Guides www page. I never have received communications from there and only looked there today because I was changing my photo.

      I am retired too but I will gladly teach you tenkara and look forward to hearing from you. Please call or text me.

      Best fishes,
      Jeffry Gottfried

      PS I fish 22 month a year!

      • John Egbert says:

        Are you the Jeff who lived in NM years ago?

        • Jeffry Gottfried says:

          Yes I am! Were you head of the Nature Conservancy in New Mexico?

          I’m retired but doing more fishing than ever. I continue to teach tenkara. Look forward to hearing from you.

  2. Jeri says:

    While reading the hilarious subway story of Miriam and Trevor I noticed your Portland location and unique fly-fishing method. Having been cabin owners on Mt. Hood for decades we sold it and now miss it terrible. Perhaps Tenkara is a way to get back to the mountain. Thanks for all the information. It looks wonderful. – Jeri and Don

  3. Jeffry Gottfried says:

    Hi Jeri and Don- Thanks for the unlikely email. It’s very amusing to me. I would happily take you both to some Mt Hood creek to learn tenkara and fish for wild/native cutthroat trout. I am no longer a licensed guide since I retired in 2016, so there will be no guide fee. I would ask you to make a donation to the Campership/Scholarship fund at Portland Audubon. Please correspond with me at 503-750-2416

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