Japan Cast 2018: Reports from Japan

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June 24, 2018

I am currently in Japan and will be creating podcast episodes as I travel around experiencing tenkara with my teachers and in different parts of the country. Stay tuned for new episodes every 2-3 days to hear more about my travels in Japan in search of tenkara. Episodes will be posted in this page along with more images.

Episode 3: From Gifu with Jeremy Shellhorn








Episode 2: More from Hokkaido

Despite a cold, a scalding hot spring, and language barriers the experience in Hokkaido has been positive overall. Rainbows, Amemasu and oshorokoma have been some of our catches. In this episode I also reflect on the poor treatment of fish in Japan and talk about the experience in general. We still have a few hours of fishing in Hokkaido tomorrow morning before I leave, so it’s not over yet. I hope to publish the next episode around July 1st (give or take a day).








Episode 1: Arrival and Hokkaido

Today I arrived and did some fishing in Hokkaido, home to some very large trout. Here are some first impressions before I hit the hay, it is past midnight here and I just recorded this.
For a quick video with some highlights from day one, please visit this link or our new Instagram TV (IGTV) channel



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14 Responses to Japan Cast 2018: Reports from Japan

  1. Dave Rosset says:

    Daniel, I enjoyed your podcast. Sounds like you are off to a great start! Looking forward to your videos. I don’t do Instagram, so will look for them here.

  2. TJ Ferreira says:

    Safe travels. Enjoyed Japan Cast #1.

    Add to podcast what season is it there. Same as USA or different. Also what the weather is like on fishing trips. Hot N Sunny or humid or?


  3. Daniel,
    Great podcast! I’m looking forward to the rest of the episodes. Fishing tenkara in Japan is definitely on my bucket list. Hokkaido sounds like my kind of place!
    Safe travels,

  4. Dave Rosset says:

    Daniel, I enjoyed listening to your second podcast. With regards to the language barrier, have you tried any of the translate apps? I’ve never used one, so no experience. It will be interesting to hear why Dr Ishigaki is using different flies. Hoe you get to feeling better.

    • Hi Dave, I use the Google Translate app once in a while. It certainly helps and is definitely handy to have, though Japanese is one language that the apps are just not great due to the way the language works. I also find that it impedes some of the flow of conversations; if it is one-on-one it is a bit easier, but once you add more people talking to each other the time to pull the app makes it hard. I tend to work on miming and gesturing a lot, plus finding the simpler words to communicate, that usually goes a long ways. Thanks for listening.

  5. TJ Ferreira says:

    Laughed a little when you said Dr I went to the dark side. I pictured you yelling like Luke Skywalker… Noooooooooooooooooooooo


    Enjoyed episode #2


  6. Masumi Shibata says:

    When you are in Gifu and if you’re going up north, be sure to check out Sugoroku river. Best tenkara stream in Hida IMO. It’s not only productive, but also aesthetically inspiring river and rocks. Since you’re a climber, you’ll know what I mean.

    We were there past 3 weeks and the condition was fantastic.

    Let me know if you’re heading to the area. I’d love to share some beta.

    • Shibata-san, thank you so very much for the suggestion! Unfortunately we won’t be able to hit that area this time, even tho we are so close! Please stay in touch, next time we ought to try to fish together.

  7. Richard kolodny says:

    So very cool. I enjoyed your first podcast, and look forward to following your adventures. ..Enjoy

  8. […] If you want to learn a bit more about the fishing in Hokkaido on this trip, as well as fishing in a couple of other parts of Japan I got to visit, I recorded 3 episodes of my podcast during the trip. They can be found here. […]

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