How to Find and Explore New Fishing Waters

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March 24, 2020

It is important that we find a bit of serenity and peace at the moment, and tenkara fly-fishing might be just the thing we need to help with that. As we are asked to stay at or close to home these days, this episode focuses on encouraging you to go fishing in the waters you may have overlooked, or to find new waters within each reach to go fishing. Perhaps it is time to fish that local pond you’ve always passed by, go outside your comfort zone and fish for a new species, reacquaint yourself with some panfish fishing, or simply explore a new drainage. Daniel shares a couple of tools he uses when scouting for prospective waters, and how we may have to redefine the idea of “tenkara-perfect” waters at the moment.
Ps. I feel like there may be more that I want to say or forgot to cover in this episode, so there may be a follow up episode later on.

Referenced in this episode:
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PDF with Steve Schweitzer’s article in the 1st issue of the Tenkara Magazine (page 39)

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4 Responses to How to Find and Explore New Fishing Waters

  1. Steve Elder says:

    Nice thoughts, Daniel. I too have found I am discovering trails and waters very close, right out my door here in Colorado Springs. Funny you mentioned just walking by waters just to watch the fish. Been doing more of that, sans rod!

    But I did have to get out to one of my favorite creeks the other day — an hour’s drive away, but no one else there on a weekday — to try out my new Ito! I have long wanted one, and thought this was an appropriate time to take advantage of the sale and help you guys out. (As you know, I am grateful to TUSA for introducing me, my daughter, and several friends now, to this wonderful adventure of Tenkara.) I love the Ito! The length is great at 13′ and it casts very smoothly if I slow down a beat on the backcast compared to my Iwan)a. I also tried the zoom when I wanted to get the line more vertical over the hole. Bingo! Caught him on the first drift. I caught many fish that day, and it played them all very naturally, ranging from 7″ to 13″ or so. It’s going to be my #1 rod from now on, I think. So THANKS.

    One thought to add to your tips on navigation tools is to mention CalTopo. I use it to plan routes, then download them into Gaia for the trail. It is free at its base level and very effective. You can also print maps from it for backup.

    • Hi Steve, Great point about CalTopo, it is a terrific resource indeed. Some of the Gaia layers are also provided by CalTopo too.
      I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment here. And, glad you got out and enjoyed the Ito! It is my favorite rod, and so good for our waters in Colorado. Glad you enjoyed it and it may be your #1 too!

  2. Evan S says:

    Thanks for the podcasts. There are a couple other similar apps to Gaia which I have been using in recent years: AllTrails and Topo Maps+

    I put links to those below FYI.

    GPS Hiking & Biking Trail Maps

    Topo Maps+

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