Opening and Closing the Tenkara Rod (Episode 2)

March 9, 2017

In the second episode of our new series, the “2-minute Guides to Tenkara”, Daniel Galhardo shows viewers how to use a tenkara rod. This video will show you how to open a tenkara rod and how to close it the proper way.

Bonus video: How to Choose a Tenkara Rod
In this short video Daniel will introduce you to the 5 tenkara rods in the Tenkara USA lineup so you can choose the rod that best suits your needs. You can find more information at Tenkara Rods

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7 Responses to Opening and Closing the Tenkara Rod (Episode 2)

  1. Kerryn Milligan says:

    2 minute guides are a great intoduction. Thanks

  2. Henry says:

    In Video 2 an explanation hot to extend and retract the rod, you mention the tip plug can be inserted in the butt of the rod. However my rod has a screw plug at the butt, if I remove it and retract the rod the rod segments would fall out. So, I presume the rod in the video above is a newer version of the rod? Or you just don’t mention removing the permanent plug and storing it temporarily?

    • Hi Henry, that feature which allows you to secure the plug at the end of the rod is only available on our Rhodo, Sato and Ito rod models. Unfortunately our other rods do not have that solution at the moment.

  3. Sage Steiger says:

    What does the Te symbol in front of the Tenkara name mean?

    • Hi Sage,
      It actually doesn’t have a meaning on its own, it is just the syllable for the sound “te” in the Japanese syllabary of Katakana. Sorry for the delay in my response.

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