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September 21, 2017

The last few weeks has been a whirlwind that left me with no time to record some thoughts. We finished our road trip, then hosted some guests from Japan to go see the solar eclipse, then a few days presenting at clubs in California and then the Tenkara Summit…whew, I’m out of breath :)
Yesterday I had a little time to digest it all, and just before leaving for an extended trip I sat down to record some thoughts about all the fishing we did in the last few weeks. Mostly what stood out was some further thinking about the “one fly” v. the match-the-hatch approaches to fly-fishing so I talk a bit about that and give you a few other updates. If you’re looking for some sound to fill your car to keep you company on a hike, hope you’ll enjoy the episode.
I do plan to start bringing in more people for future episodes so that it is not always me rambling at the microphone.

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