Covering Water + a 5-minute guided meditation

April 3, 2020

Daniel talks through his process of covering water while fly-fishing: how to approach it, tips on stealth, dealing with wind, and how to cover water to maximize opportunities to catch fish.
We all think of fly-fishing as a form of meditation, but perhaps we can’t (or shouldn’t?) get to the water for now, so this time we are trying something different and at the end of the episode Daniel does a 5-minute guided meditation with you.

Referenced in this article:
Covering Water Tenkara USA diagram

Covering Water fish spots Tenkara USA diagram

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6 Responses to Covering Water + a 5-minute guided meditation

  1. Beverly Whalen says:

    Enjoyed covering water
    (April 3) AND the guided meditation !

    I ordered my packable rod today, looking forward to it !

  2. Dave Horvitz says:

    Great episode, thank you so much for the information and helping us all to become better anglers and people.

    The meditation was a nice thoughtful touch.

    We live near the ocean on the Northern California coast. Talk is of re-opening access points to the beach again in the near future.

    I am going to take my Amago to beach for some surf fishing since most of the streams are closed and the ponds and lakes nearby are private. So that leaves the ocean. We will see what happens.

    • Thanks so much for that comment Dave! I’m glad you found it helpful, and that you enjoyed the meditation. Hope the waters open up soon, would imagine it will be easy to find a lot of space out there to distance yourself from people. Please share photos if you catch something! Believe it or not, the Tenkara on Salt podcast episode I did a while back is our most popular episode ever! Tenkara in Salt? A Conversation with Henry Barber

  3. Rick Volker says:

    Enjoyed the podcast and the meditation. Hope you do more meditations in the future.

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