Conversations: Japan with Adam Trahan and Adam Klags

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September 30, 2016

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The allure of Japan to tenkara anglers goes beyond the tenkara fishing. The allure is as much in the culture, food, sake and overall camaraderie of other anglers as it is in the prospect of catching an amago, iwana or yamame.
In this episode Daniel talks to Adam Trahan and Adam Klags about their recent trip to the land of tenkara. This was the second visit for both Adams and they have come back with some good stories to tell and good insights to share.

Referenced in this episode:
Adam Trahan’s 2016 trip report.
Isaac Tait’s guide website: Fallfish Tenkara

Daniel’s video of fishing with Sebata-san:

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One Response to Conversations: Japan with Adam Trahan and Adam Klags

  1. David says:

    The take away I got from the podcast – it sounds like besides getting your schedules, arrangements, and gear ready for the trip – you need to also get your physical condition ready too with as many 5 – 10 mile mountain hikes as you can fit in before going to avoid missing out on doing some things you might be to exhausted to attempt. If only staying a week your probably just getting adjusted to the time zone before the trip is over. I will never go to Japan, but thanks for the armchair travel.

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