Conversations: Graham Moran (AKA. Tenkara Grasshopper)

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June 1, 2016

Today I sat down with long time tenkara angler and Tenkara USA supporter Graham Moran. Graham is an outdoor enthusiast who took on tenkara with a tremendous amount of enthusiasm, to the point where he now even guides with a tenkara rod. We chatted about…you guessed it, tenkara, as well as about Graham’s tenkara blogging, his experience guiding with tenkara, and learned some of his tips for tenkara fishing.

Referenced in this episode:
Graham’s website:
Some of the flies he uses: Ishigaki kebari, Amano kebari, Oki kebari, killer bugs
The Teenage Mutant Ninja kebari:

The Tenkara “One Knot”:

His favorite rig: Tenkara USA Sato rod, 15ft of level line, 3-4ft of tippet, fly
Graham’s fly box:
FullSizeRender 8
The “Swoop” landing sequence:
Landing a fish with tenkara

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2 Responses to Conversations: Graham Moran (AKA. Tenkara Grasshopper)

  1. Anthony Orona says:

    This episode has several valuable tips on teaching tenkara to others. It was great to hear Graham’s story, from discovering tenkara in a magazine to later becoming a guide. I can’t wait to see the new line coming out this month.

    On another note, I’ve really learned quite a bit from the interviews with tenkara guides such as, Graham, Allie Rae Marriott and Steve Conrad.

  2. Ron Heggart says:

    Graham, I thank you for your tribute to Doug. I carry it with me.
    God Bless,
    Ron Heggart

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