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Brad Hansen is a licensed Montana fly fishing guide based out of CrossCurrents Fly Shop in Helena, Montana.

July 26, 2016


I’ve been fishing Tenkara for over six years, and enjoy sharing my passion for fly fishing with others. I’m lucky enough to call Central Montana home, where we have some of the best trout water in the world. When guiding, I like to focus on reading water (where do the fish live?), entomology (what bugs do the fish eat?), and technique (dry fly & nymphing). I’m also a history buff, and love sharing stories about the areas I guide. Montana has the best of both worlds, with access to large rivers with big trout, and small mountain streams full of native Westlope cutthroat. I offer float trips from a drift boat and walk/wade trips in the Blackfoot River, Missouri River, and Rock Creek drainages. I look forward to fishing with you!

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2 Responses to Brad Hansen-Montana

  1. Sandra Moore says:

    When will you be available for tenkara fishing? Does CrossCurrents carry Tenkara Rods?

    Is Jim the owner of the store? I really need refresher lessons with my Orvis flyrod and will get those with Jim this year hopefully, but really like the shorter, easily portable tenkara rods also.
    Thanks for your time, Brad.
    I am interested in the Rhodo but also the Sato, which I believe to be too long for the streams around Helena, or maybe you have a better suggestion for a rod for me.

    • Brad Hansen says:

      Hi Sandra, Thanks for the message. Hopefully we’ll be back to fishing asap. CrossCurrents does carry the full lineup of TenkaraUSA fly rods. Jim manages the Helena shop and is a great resource. Jim runs the fly fishing schools and can definitely get you back in shape with casting and reading the water. He’ll have you fishing in no time! The Rhodo is a great option. I also like the IWANA. I fish the IWANA more than any other. It’s perfect for the Little Blackfoot and any of the other small streams around Helena. I think you’d be happy with either of those options. If you’d like to book a guided day with me, just give Jim a call at the shop, or shoot me an email

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